Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Groundhogs Day

Ever feel like your caught in the movie groundhogs day? Where everyday's events just lead into the next... and its the same thing over and over again until you get to the weekend?
Wake up, shower, get kids ready, run out the door, go to work, get out of work, pick up kids, dinner, baths, books, (then pack for the next day to start over) bed! If your schedule is anything like mine, you know exactly how I feel. Sometimes its that never ending cycle of routine that can just kill your excitement! I've been listening to moms, express the same feelings over and over again and no one has a great solution. Its always what needs to get done, comes way before our wants in life. So how do you break up the monotony? If you have a great response I'd love to hear... because this week I'm at a loss for words and or ideas?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vacation from your vacation!

Why is it that you always need a vactaion from your vacation??? Well its always nice to take a step put of the rat race and just enjoy your family. I love the time we get to spend together when we take a vacation. But I find my self like many others having a hard time slowing my self down to snails pace to actually enjoy the relaxation time. And by the time I convince myself to smell the roses, we are boarding a plane or packing the car to head home. If I could only turn my brain off the minute vacation starts and then have the switch turn back on my intensity the minute its over. I feel that vacations are a necessity! Not only to refresh yourself, but to spend some real quality time with your family. This is my favorite time a year. Even though you spend months planning and packing, tons of money and get hardly no sleep. But in the end it is fully worth every second. If you can't live to enjoy your family then really what else is there? So this year we ventured to Disney World in Orlando Florida for my kids first visit. For the economy being down, it didn't look like Disney had felt the down turn at all! It was busy... but with that being said we had a great time. My kids are quite young, and I was surprised to see how they didn't want to miss a thing, and kept there eyes open til the very last firework! We ate breakfast in Cinderella's castle (which I highly recommend, if you have a daughter who loves the princesses!) and for my son went to dinner at chef mickey's!
Which again they aim to please... and DID! We did rent strollers from a company that delivers them right to the resort, and that was awesome. It was a beautiful double jogging stroller, that fit our needs much better than the ones that Disney did have to offer. We did not do everything on our to do list, and missed a few princesses that we wanted to meet, but all in all a great trip. I was a little unsure about the flight for my one year old, but he did well. The only trouble we had was on the descent. I tried to have him take a bottle, eat something and take his sippy cup to help with his ears, but he wanted to scream. I'm sure we got a couple looks but what can I do about it?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The balancing act

Once Monday hits, Its go go go... I really don't like always saying to my kids hurry hurry hurry! I feel that they are only young once and they should be able to smell the roses... there is plenty of time later in life to rush from one thing to the next. I try really hard when the work week hits (weekends too, but its easier to slow down them) to not say, "we have to hurry, or hurry up, or we'll be late.) even though my mind is thinking it over and over. As a working parent I hope others will agree that's its not good to always be rushing the kids around. How do you know when enough running around is enough? We are always a family that is moving and shaking, but that's the way I was brought up! On the move! So I think of finding the balance between work, and play is sometimes hard to do. It all seems to mesh into one big groundhogs day! What are some good ways you balance life? One thing I do often, is I remind myself of how old my children really are. We've been on this earth for 20, 30, 40 plus years. They have been here 1, 2 or 3 (or more) It's substantially different. So reminding myself that the simplest thing could be absolutely amazing to them. The best example I can think of is my 1 year old the other day on our walk, was memorized by two boys playing basketball. He just couldn't get enough! I looked at him and his face was amazing... taking in them bouncing the ball, passing, shooting. It was the first time he had ever saw that up close, and he wanted to just stay there to watch and observe. It was the most humbling thing to me, realizing the simple pleasure with just watching two little boys playing basketball. We have children and expect to teach them about life, but sometimes they teach us more than we would expect!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sprinting towards the weekend

Its a always revolving feeling, of excitement when the weekend is nearing. I'm a person that absolutely loves to spend time with my kids. To the point where when I do take a break from them I still feel guilty. Its just that as a working mother I give up a lot of time to go to work and not be with them during the week. So when the weekend is here, I try to make up for all the time I feel that I've missed during the week. What is on the agenda this weekend. Well I have to say this is the only Saturday and Sunday that we don't have anything going on. SO it'll be to relax and prep for the rest of the month. Next weekend we have a family revealing party, a baby shower, fathers day and my mother birthday. Ask me how were going to fit that into two days? I have no idea. Then the following weekend we have two graduation parties, and then the following week we are off to Disney! It'll be the first trip to Florida for my kids and to visit Mickey Mouses House. But first things first, Focus on the weekend and what needs to be done. There is always the Saturday morning Breakfast with my mother and grandmother that my kids and I don't miss. And maybe a visit to the zoo, or park or Farmers market if the weather holds out. A camp fire at night for some smores would be a great way to cap the day off, or just a relaxing time outside playing in the kiddy pool or sprinkler. Sunday maybe a trip to the beach (again if the weather cooperates, its been pretty rainy here lately) And a family get together... Have I mentioned I love the weekends. But most of all, I get to spend it with the three people I love the most! Yes ahhh! The weekend... I wish everyday was the weekend.. but then i guess we wouldn't appreciate as much if it was... ENJOY

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running on Empty

Last night was an eventful night for my son and I. After Two days of sleeping through the night for the first time ever, I thought we were on to something.
Was I mistaken.... After three hours of screaming a dose of acetaminophen, baby oragel (teething) and mylocon (for gas in tummy) trying to figure what was wrong with my son I just about had it. I have been weaning him off breastfeeding as well, which he is not a big fan of the bottle at night so i partly blamed it on a temper tantrum of rejecting the bottle and wanting the boob. Yes I said Boob sorry everyone... This little stinker had the ability with his gut wrenching scream to wake not only me, but my husband and his sister for most of the evening, which makes me dread the 6 am alarm clock bell. So work today was a chore. I'm on my second large cup of coffee and its not helping my tired eye lids. My body aches from lack of sleep and all i wanna do is climb into bed. But I know what is ahead of me when I leave work. Two excited kids wanting to run and play with mommy and daddy with our full attention. And I don't blame them! So it'll be the fake energy tonight through the bedtime routine. The biggest thing I think of is ways to avoid turning on the T.V and spend the time I need to with my kids after a full days work. 1) Don't Stop moving. because with days like this as soon as I sit down I will crash! Keep it moving! 2) Go Outside. Its amazing what a little fresh air will do! 3) If you cant get outside, put on some up beat music to keep things lively 4) Have your kids help with dinner (obviously with you there) and packing for the next day ( make sure your ready to go so you can sleep soundly) 5) Cook healthy meals, so your not overly bloated and full to add to your tiredness 6) Take everything in stride, recognizing that you shouldn't take your frustration(tiredness) out on the kids. 7) Hit the sack! As soon as the kids are fast a sleep, get to bed and get some sleep too! When you have a two person working household, you'll have these days. Knowing they will pass and eventually you'll get to back to a regular sleep pattern is comforting. EVENTUALLY... Hopefully sooner than later

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guilty Mommy

I know that there has to be many other moms that carry the guilt like me for having to work instead if staying home with the kids while they are young. I always have that lingering feeling that I should be at home with them then here. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy with the nanny situation we've set up for both of our kids, but the fact is I know I'd love more time with them too. I always get asked to go to functions after work or go out with my co-workers, but pass every time. I just can't fathom even having my kids go from a sitter during the day to a sitter at night. That's just wrong... I know some parents this doesn't phase, but it bothers me plenty. I need my time with the kids as much as they need there time with me. I think my kids are cool as hell! These years will fly by and then I'll have teenagers. (which I wont mind, but I'm loving the stages they are in right now) I just wish I had more time. There has to be other moms out there that feel exactly the way I do. Going to work away from my kiddos is hard, but focusing all day long is even harder. I find my self flipping through pictures or videos on my phone smiling, then missing them. Then there is other times I'm so busy I wish I had time to miss them. I feel like I'm sprinting through the day then sprinting to pick them up then sprinting to pack for the next day to do it again. Running running running the story of our life! Guess its keeping me in shape, man I'm lucky I'm young, I couldn't imagine doing this older!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coffee Please!

So you ever have those days that you just need your coffee to get you started? Well this is one of those days. Every time my son wakes up more than once at night, I'm a wreck the next day. Last night I can attribute to our 11pm, 2am, and 5am screaming bouts to teething. I feel awful for him, and you know he's struggling when the baby oragel, works for twenty minutes then wears right out. But now this morning driving to work I feel awful for me. Alone in my car, the radio on (but i'm not listening) my car is making its way to the closest coffee place. This at least will jump start my day. Being a normally energetic person, its rare for me to be sluggish and tired. But today is the exception. My body is so tired it aches....but i'm in good spirit so that's good. Also on my mind is my sons family party this weekend, that I'm only half prepped for. We have around 40 people coming over and I was planning an outdoor party for everyone. But with the turn in the weather this week and the surprise snow fall yesterday, i'm rethinking my plans. Can you have grilled hots and hamburgers for an indoor party? Why not right! Now I just have to think about sides, apps and snacks.... not too much! I';m relieved to know that I already bought the decorations a couple of weeks ago on a whim. Thank goodness I did because I have no time this week. My husband has three games plus a tournament to coach in, the house needs to be party clean, food prepped (obviously the day before), presents wrapped, cake picked up, drinks bought.... Too much to do... and all i really want is my coffee.