Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running on Empty

Last night was an eventful night for my son and I. After Two days of sleeping through the night for the first time ever, I thought we were on to something.
Was I mistaken.... After three hours of screaming a dose of acetaminophen, baby oragel (teething) and mylocon (for gas in tummy) trying to figure what was wrong with my son I just about had it. I have been weaning him off breastfeeding as well, which he is not a big fan of the bottle at night so i partly blamed it on a temper tantrum of rejecting the bottle and wanting the boob. Yes I said Boob sorry everyone... This little stinker had the ability with his gut wrenching scream to wake not only me, but my husband and his sister for most of the evening, which makes me dread the 6 am alarm clock bell. So work today was a chore. I'm on my second large cup of coffee and its not helping my tired eye lids. My body aches from lack of sleep and all i wanna do is climb into bed. But I know what is ahead of me when I leave work. Two excited kids wanting to run and play with mommy and daddy with our full attention. And I don't blame them! So it'll be the fake energy tonight through the bedtime routine. The biggest thing I think of is ways to avoid turning on the T.V and spend the time I need to with my kids after a full days work. 1) Don't Stop moving. because with days like this as soon as I sit down I will crash! Keep it moving! 2) Go Outside. Its amazing what a little fresh air will do! 3) If you cant get outside, put on some up beat music to keep things lively 4) Have your kids help with dinner (obviously with you there) and packing for the next day ( make sure your ready to go so you can sleep soundly) 5) Cook healthy meals, so your not overly bloated and full to add to your tiredness 6) Take everything in stride, recognizing that you shouldn't take your frustration(tiredness) out on the kids. 7) Hit the sack! As soon as the kids are fast a sleep, get to bed and get some sleep too! When you have a two person working household, you'll have these days. Knowing they will pass and eventually you'll get to back to a regular sleep pattern is comforting. EVENTUALLY... Hopefully sooner than later

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guilty Mommy

I know that there has to be many other moms that carry the guilt like me for having to work instead if staying home with the kids while they are young. I always have that lingering feeling that I should be at home with them then here. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy with the nanny situation we've set up for both of our kids, but the fact is I know I'd love more time with them too. I always get asked to go to functions after work or go out with my co-workers, but pass every time. I just can't fathom even having my kids go from a sitter during the day to a sitter at night. That's just wrong... I know some parents this doesn't phase, but it bothers me plenty. I need my time with the kids as much as they need there time with me. I think my kids are cool as hell! These years will fly by and then I'll have teenagers. (which I wont mind, but I'm loving the stages they are in right now) I just wish I had more time. There has to be other moms out there that feel exactly the way I do. Going to work away from my kiddos is hard, but focusing all day long is even harder. I find my self flipping through pictures or videos on my phone smiling, then missing them. Then there is other times I'm so busy I wish I had time to miss them. I feel like I'm sprinting through the day then sprinting to pick them up then sprinting to pack for the next day to do it again. Running running running the story of our life! Guess its keeping me in shape, man I'm lucky I'm young, I couldn't imagine doing this older!