Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vacation from your vacation!

Why is it that you always need a vactaion from your vacation??? Well its always nice to take a step put of the rat race and just enjoy your family. I love the time we get to spend together when we take a vacation. But I find my self like many others having a hard time slowing my self down to snails pace to actually enjoy the relaxation time. And by the time I convince myself to smell the roses, we are boarding a plane or packing the car to head home. If I could only turn my brain off the minute vacation starts and then have the switch turn back on my intensity the minute its over. I feel that vacations are a necessity! Not only to refresh yourself, but to spend some real quality time with your family. This is my favorite time a year. Even though you spend months planning and packing, tons of money and get hardly no sleep. But in the end it is fully worth every second. If you can't live to enjoy your family then really what else is there? So this year we ventured to Disney World in Orlando Florida for my kids first visit. For the economy being down, it didn't look like Disney had felt the down turn at all! It was busy... but with that being said we had a great time. My kids are quite young, and I was surprised to see how they didn't want to miss a thing, and kept there eyes open til the very last firework! We ate breakfast in Cinderella's castle (which I highly recommend, if you have a daughter who loves the princesses!) and for my son went to dinner at chef mickey's!
Which again they aim to please... and DID! We did rent strollers from a company that delivers them right to the resort, and that was awesome. It was a beautiful double jogging stroller, that fit our needs much better than the ones that Disney did have to offer. We did not do everything on our to do list, and missed a few princesses that we wanted to meet, but all in all a great trip. I was a little unsure about the flight for my one year old, but he did well. The only trouble we had was on the descent. I tried to have him take a bottle, eat something and take his sippy cup to help with his ears, but he wanted to scream. I'm sure we got a couple looks but what can I do about it?