Friday, June 8, 2012

Sprinting towards the weekend

Its a always revolving feeling, of excitement when the weekend is nearing. I'm a person that absolutely loves to spend time with my kids. To the point where when I do take a break from them I still feel guilty. Its just that as a working mother I give up a lot of time to go to work and not be with them during the week. So when the weekend is here, I try to make up for all the time I feel that I've missed during the week. What is on the agenda this weekend. Well I have to say this is the only Saturday and Sunday that we don't have anything going on. SO it'll be to relax and prep for the rest of the month. Next weekend we have a family revealing party, a baby shower, fathers day and my mother birthday. Ask me how were going to fit that into two days? I have no idea. Then the following weekend we have two graduation parties, and then the following week we are off to Disney! It'll be the first trip to Florida for my kids and to visit Mickey Mouses House. But first things first, Focus on the weekend and what needs to be done. There is always the Saturday morning Breakfast with my mother and grandmother that my kids and I don't miss. And maybe a visit to the zoo, or park or Farmers market if the weather holds out. A camp fire at night for some smores would be a great way to cap the day off, or just a relaxing time outside playing in the kiddy pool or sprinkler. Sunday maybe a trip to the beach (again if the weather cooperates, its been pretty rainy here lately) And a family get together... Have I mentioned I love the weekends. But most of all, I get to spend it with the three people I love the most! Yes ahhh! The weekend... I wish everyday was the weekend.. but then i guess we wouldn't appreciate as much if it was... ENJOY


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