Friday, April 20, 2012

Falling into bed

By the end of the week, I am completely spent! Its a good thing that I have a great support system around me. I find that even with a support system there is always something that gets missed or is lacking. Its everything from time for myself, chores around the house, my career, and or any sort of quality time with my husband and I. Something is always lacking. I know we are in some tough years right now with the kids ages being 3 years and 11 months, but a small break to get my eye brows waxed is desperately needed. Some of the issue is the guilt of time away from my kids because I am a full time working mother. I truly believe you don't fully understand this unless your doing it! My evening tonight was compiled of rushing out of work so I can get to our Nanny's house on time. Packing the two kids up and running over to support my husbands baseball game in the some what decent weather we got today. It was the first time my son got to see a high school game, and my daughter was thrilled to be outside picking flowers cheering for daddy at the top of her lunges! After three innings the breeze was cooling off so we packed up to head home, to continue our routine of dinner bath, bed, then bedtime routine.. the usual! And all I can think of is Thank you so much for Saturday!



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Cathy Kennedy

I know you have your hands full. My decision to leave the work force 24 years ago was a blessing and my husband supported me totally. I don't know how women do all they do with working outside the home. That blows my mind,really! As much as I look forward to the weekends, I know it has to be especially great for career moms. God bless you and thanks for visiting on Friday!

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Beautiful blog! New to your site, just joined!
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Safiyyah Abdurrahman

I can't imagine working full time I would be sooo tired at the end of the day. Lovely blog! New follower.

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